Tag: typography

Komma Magazine

A beautiful magazine produced by students the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim.
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16 Cuerdas

A two-volume book that looks at the history of boxing, and its relationship to the arts. … Read More

Ego publication

Ego is a publication looking at the ego, featuring analyses from Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson. … Read More

Closed Cities

A collection of photography focussing on secret towns and hermetically sealed urban areas … Read More

The One

A bilingual book that explores fashion and identity, and asks if clothing can be a form of communication. … Read More


A collection of 15 years worth of projects by Mash Creative. … Read More

Japan Week booklet

An A5 booklet to coincide with Japan Week, a celebration of 150 years of friendship between Germany and Japan. … Read More

Who is John Doe?

A publication created with French photographer Geoffrey de Boismenu, featuring photography and bold typography. … Read More

Bone: Anatomy Illustrated

A book containing anatomy illustrations by some of the 16th to the 19th centuries’ have been updated and re-imagined, with bold typography intertwined. … Read More

mediaPro brochure

A brochure design for the marketing and professional media event mediaPro. Interior pages overlay to reveal intended messages. … Read More

Rokel type specimen

A newspaper format type specimen for the Rokel typeface, complete with smaller ‘evolutions’ at the centre. … Read More