Promote your design work

So you’ve got a great piece of editorial design that you want to show off and tell people about? The Book Design Blog showcases unique and inspirational printed books and publications.

What should I submit?

Despite the blog name, we’re not just interested in beautifully designed books. Any well-designed, creative, or just unique printed publication will catch our eye. Things like…

…and of course, books. We’ll consider featuring anything printed with a vaguely book-like construction, whether it’s mass-produced, or a lone self-published creation. The weirder and more unique the better.

Please note: We do not feature e-books, digital publications or digital mock-ups of spreads (unless it’s a very conceptual project). Despite how fantastic the work may be, we want to keep the focus of the site on the beauty and craftsmanship of printed books and publications.

Please do not submit flat PDF spreads or artwork files as we will not use them.

Want to send us a physical copy?

We love to get beautiful designs in the post and many of our submissions have been from incredibly generous individuals who have sent us physical copies of their work. If you wish to send us a copy of your latest book, or zine, or maybe you just want to send us a letter or postcard, get in touch using the contact form and we will provide you with a postal address.

Submit your work & get featured!

You can use the form below to tell us about your submission and include link to your online portfolio. Please include as much detail as you wish. It’s often useful to know information such as paper stock, number of pages, printing method, etc. We’re active on Twitter and Instagram so include your social media accounts too so we can give you a shout out.

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