The Book of The Book

In 1912, Imre Kner published Könyc A Könyvről (Book of the Book) exploring the history of books up to that point. Now, that book is reimagined in a way that explores how the digitalisation of the world has affected the format of the book since then.

This curious doctoral project by Marcell Tamás, takes Könyc A Könyvről (Book of the Book) by famous Hungarian typographer Imre Kner and reimagines it, exploring the format of the book in relation to todays existing and emerging technologies. How has the book changes during the recent period of radical digitalisation, and how might the disappearance of analogue technology change the format of the book altogether?

You can read an interview with Marcell at Stilblog where he talks us through his research and rationale.

The book itself has a very industrial feel to it thanks to a thick, patterned slipcase reminiscent of metallic factory flooring. The hardback cover features a deep emboss, and we especially like the bold blue edge-printing on the pages. Inside the layouts are cryptic and abstract, which according to Tamás “serve to demonstrate the fundamental similarities and differences between virtual and corporeal (digital/online) content in terms of presentation, functionality and graphic design.”

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