Book Design Inspiration

Each Other

A book exploring the relationship between different artists’ work through black and white photography. … Read More

Star Maker

A design of the ‘Star Maker’ novel that attempts to reconnect readers with physical books … Read More

16 Cuerdas

A two-volume book that looks at the history of boxing, and its relationship to the arts. … Read More


A book about prisons, full of secret messages and hidden compartments for smuggling. … Read More


An experimental book exploring the concept of love and relationships. … Read More

Closed Cities

A collection of photography focussing on secret towns and hermetically sealed urban areas … Read More

The One

A bilingual book that explores fashion and identity, and asks if clothing can be a form of communication. … Read More


A collection of 15 years worth of projects by Mash Creative. … Read More

Lessons in Kenya

An illustrated book that visually depicts the everyday optimism and determination of Kenyan people. … Read More

Japan Week booklet

An A5 booklet to coincide with Japan Week, a celebration of 150 years of friendship between Germany and Japan. … Read More

Bone: Anatomy Illustrated

A book containing anatomy illustrations by some of the 16th to the 19th centuries’ have been updated and re-imagined, with bold typography intertwined. … Read More

Sumo Photographers

A book designed and curated by Danish design studio Mega, showcasing some of the best work by the creative photography collective Sumo. … Read More

Little Spines

An anthology of creative writing by students at RMIT University, featuring a clever cover design. … Read More

Le Corbusier Le Grand

A visual biography of the life and work of the architect Le Corbusier’s life, featuring letters, pictures, drawings and other rare documents. … Read More

Alchemical Equation

An illustrated story book that is the result of a collaboration between students at the University of Bedfordshire. … Read More

The Berlin Design Guide

The Berlin Design Guide is the latest in a series of popular travel guides aimed at those who wish to explore the creative side of Berlin, … Read More

Hard Love

Hard Love by Dutch photographer Cornelie Tollens features a collection of images that focus on the contrast of morals, with the intention of shocking and seducing. … Read More

Robot Envy

A collection of over 80 black and white robot illustrations, designs and sketches by Dave Pasciuto. … Read More

Fedrigoni Project 16

A promotional book created by Thomas Manss & Company for Fedrigoni featuring different design by 16 different book designers utilising 16 different Fedrigoni stocks. … Read More