Tag: student work

Komma Magazine

A beautiful magazine produced by students the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim.
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A book about prisons, full of secret messages and hidden compartments for smuggling. … Read More

The One

A bilingual book that explores fashion and identity, and asks if clothing can be a form of communication. … Read More

Lessons in Kenya

An illustrated book that visually depicts the everyday optimism and determination of Kenyan people. … Read More

No Post

An infographic ‘zine on the subject of the declining UK postal service. … Read More

The Universal Zine

A one-piece book about space that can be read in several ways thanks to an underlying grid that allows text and images to “cut” the spreads. … Read More

Little Spines

An anthology of creative writing by students at RMIT University, featuring a clever cover design. … Read More

Alchemical Equation

An illustrated story book that is the result of a collaboration between students at the University of Bedfordshire. … Read More


Fourteen different faces are deconstructed, reconstructed and composited in a wonderfully simple publication. … Read More