Tag: photography

Each Other

A book exploring the relationship between different artists’ work through black and white photography. … Read More


A surprisingly meloncholy publication of found photography of a pet dog that highlights the loneliness of the dog’s owner. … Read More

Closed Cities

A collection of photography focussing on secret towns and hermetically sealed urban areas … Read More

VENT zine

A photography ‘zine on the subject of protest, featuring images captured at a number of rallies. … Read More

Who is John Doe?

A publication created with French photographer Geoffrey de Boismenu, featuring photography and bold typography. … Read More


A black and white 35mm photography zine, featuring locations around Manchester, England. … Read More

Sumo Photographers

A book designed and curated by Danish design studio Mega, showcasing some of the best work by the creative photography collective Sumo. … Read More


A promotional zine by Manchester-based designer and screen printer DNYLNE, featuring 35mm film photography, graffiti, and abstract typography. … Read More

Hard Love

Hard Love by Dutch photographer Cornelie Tollens features a collection of images that focus on the contrast of morals, with the intention of shocking and seducing. … Read More

No Thoughts 9

No Thoughts is a photographic magazine that focusses on finding the best photography talent from around the world. … Read More


Fourteen different faces are deconstructed, reconstructed and composited in a wonderfully simple publication. … Read More