Everything else

Ego publication

Ego is a publication looking at the ego, featuring analyses from Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson. … Read More


A publication that attempts to replicate the immersive nature of a story through touch. … Read More

Graphic Happiness

A publication about famous Dutch printers, Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co, with a brilliantly clever cover. … Read More


A quarterly publication that offers it’s subscribers a curated collection of lifestyle objects. … Read More

Radius magazine

An alternative travel magazine, highlighting things to do within a 0.5 mile radius of London Waterloo. … Read More

The Universal Zine

A one-piece book about space that can be read in several ways thanks to an underlying grid that allows text and images to “cut” the spreads. … Read More

Who is John Doe?

A publication created with French photographer Geoffrey de Boismenu, featuring photography and bold typography. … Read More

Inner Exfoliation

A two-part project that includes a book that looks at the idea of deconstructing the idea of “self”, into 3 agents, 3 voices, and 3 time periods. … Read More

mediaPro brochure

A brochure design for the marketing and professional media event mediaPro. Interior pages overlay to reveal intended messages. … Read More

Rokel type specimen

A newspaper format type specimen for the Rokel typeface, complete with smaller ‘evolutions’ at the centre. … Read More

101 Walnut

A brochure for 101 Walnut, a condominium complex in Philadelphia, featuring unique work by American artist Henry Mandell. … Read More

Surface and Structure

A slimline catalogue for the group exhibition Surface and Structure, intended to be passed out to collectors and dealers at TEFAF. … Read More


Fourteen different faces are deconstructed, reconstructed and composited in a wonderfully simple publication. … Read More